What kind of accessories are available for my roof window?

You can buy various types of blinds for your roof window such as roller-, venitian- and blackout blinds, and anti-heat blind. In some markets you can also buy roller shutters and electrical window opener motor kit and a manual opener rod for your roof window.

My roof window faces south and sometimes lets in too much light. What should I do?

We recommend that buy a blind for sun protection. Please see the Planning for blinds section to get more knowledge of our sun screening products.


There is condensation on the inside, what should I do?

You should ensure that the room is adequately ventilated. Also, be aware that condensation on the inside of the pane often comes from not having a heat source underneath the window. Furthermore, the interior lining should be horizontal over the window and vertical under the window, thereby ensuring optimum flow of air and maximum light.

There is condensation inside my pane (between glass). What should I do?

There should be no condensation between the two pieces of glass. Please contact you point of purchase to arrange for a replacement.

Why do the panes of my windows fog up on the outside?

Fogging occurs when the air outside condenses when the temperature falls. It is a natural phenomenon.

Will sunlight make my carpet and curtains fade?

Due to the low-energy glazing unit of the roof window, fading will be negligible. To avoid too much sunlight, we recommend that you check our sun screening products like roller shutter or blinds.

Can a roof window leak?

If correctly installed, using the original waterproof flashing system, your roof window will not leak.

Something was damaged in the packaging when I opend it. How can I get a replacement?

Please contact your dealer, who will contact us to get the replacement.

My pane is broken. What should I do?

Please contact your point of purchase.

There was something missing in the packaging. How can I get a spare part?

Please contact your dealer, who will in turn contact us to get the spare part.

I cannot find the invoice of the purchase of my roof window/blind/roller shutter, but I have a claim. What can I do?

The type plate is necessary for the identification of a product and time of production.


Is it easy to install a roof window?

Installing a roof window is quick and easy. The window comes with an easy to follow installation instruction. For a step-by-step guide, see the photo-guide˙or the video on this web site.

The distance between the rafters is too small, what should I do?

You can solve this problem by trimming the rafters in order to create the correct space. Note that rafters should have a distance of max. 30 mm on both sides of the windows.

The distance between the rafters is too wide, what should I do?

In this case, you should frame out around the window by packing out the rafters. If the distance to the frame is still too wide (more than max. 30 mm on either side of the window, horizontal beams should be placed between the rafters - and a vertical rafter should be inserted between the beams.

How deep should I install the window into the roof?

The pre-grooved frame helps to position the mounting bracket of the frame. The fixed brackets determine the installation depth. For more information please see the installation instruction.

How should I shape the interior finishing around the window?

Over the window, the interior lining should be horizontal (parallel with the floor) whereas it should be vertical below the window (perpendicular to the floor surface). These precautions should be taken to ensure optimum flow of air and maximum light. Be careful that a windowsill placed directly underneath the window does not obstruct the flow of air by leaving an air gap between the sill and the wall.

I have a counter at the bottom of my window. Can I still install a roof window?

Yes, but to ensure the best airflow and avoid condensation you should cut a hole in the top right below the window. You can use a grid to close the hole.

Is it necessary to have a heating element near the window?

Heating element should be placed underneath the window in order to minimise condensation on the pane.

What is the flashing?

The flashing is necessary as it ensures a watertight connection with the roof, thereby removing the risk of water penetration.

How can I ensure a watertight membrance connection?

Please go into Installation sequences and find the section called Making the frame watertight. Here you can find all about making a watertight membrane connection.

I have no membrane on my roof. Can I install my roof window anyway?

Yes, you can fix the L brackets directly onto the rafters. However, please note that a membrane is highly recommended to protect your interior wall against condensation.

What type of under-roofing should I use?

Any type may be used but take care that it is not perforated during the course of the installation to ensure a watertight installation.

Do I need to use snow guard when I install roof windows?

Using snow guard above your roof window is always recommended to prevent permanent damage.

Where should I place the brackets on the window when installing?

Since the frame is pre-grooved, placing of the bracket is obvious. Position the bracket 10cm measured from the corner of the frame. For more information, please see the installation instruction.

Can I install two roof windows "back-to-back" on the top of my roof?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to install our roof windows in this way.

Can I install a roof window right above the other?

In some markets you can buy a combi flashing called a UCX, wich allows to install one window above the other. Please contact your dealer to see if this is available in your area.

Can I install two roof windows right next to each other?

In some market you can buy a combi flashing called a UCX, which is designed to allow for side-by-side installations. Please contact your dealer to see if this is available in your area.

What minimum distance should be kept between two roof windows?

If you are installing individual roof windows you should aim to put two tiles in between, which is approx. 40-60 cm. Alternatively you can buy a combi flashing (UCX). This allows you to install two side-by-side roof windows. Please see more in the Choosing your flashing section.


Has the wood received any treatment?

The wood has been treated with impregnation of the wood in order to minimize the risk of fungus. Furthermore, the wood has been varnished with a water-based lacquer, which provides for an aesthetical appearance as well as a more fungus-resistant surface. We highly recommend to apply one more water based lacquering layer after the installation.

Do I have to relacquer the wood?

We recommend that you re-lacquer the wood annually. However, the need for re-lacquering depends on the humidity of the room.

How should I clean the outside windowpane?

You clean the outside of the window by rotating the sash through 165 degrees, which gives you easy access to the outside pane. You should make sure to periodically clean the flashing from leaves to ensure the free flow of rainwater around the window.

Do the hinges need lubrication?

We recommend that you lubricate the hinges from time to time, in order to ensure a smooth rotation of your window.

When cleaning the surface of the wood, what type of detergent should I use?

Hot soapy water is good for surface cleaning. Please note, however, that frequent cleaning may increase the need for re-lacquering of the wood.

How do I get rid of snow on the outside pane?

By opening the window, you can brush off the snow. We also recommend that you install a heating element directly under the window, ensuring not only that snow slides off more easily, but also that the risk of condensation on the interior of the pane is minimized. We also highly recommend that you install snow guards outside above the window to avoid the damages of the roof window under the heavy snow load.

Can I use any type of lacquer for my roof window?

You can use any type of water-based lacquer available on the market. When applying it, ensure that the lacquering is put on evenly.


My window is installed too high and I can't operate it. What should I do?

If there are electrical openers available on your market, we suggest that you buy one of these. If not we can recommend to buy and opening rod called ZAR 108 or ZAR 112.

My sash will not stay open - is someting wrong?

The sash is only designed to stay open in a little less than horizontal position. If your window will not stay open at all, you should contact your dealer.

Can I use the same remote controller to my roller shutter and electric opener?

No. you have to use separate remote controllers for each kind of products.


What is the life - span of a roof window?

A roof window, like most other building materials, has a long life. If normal maintenance is undertaken, the life span may be vastly prolonged. There are many windows which have been made by our group which have been around for 3 or 4 decades.

My roof pitch is X degrees. Can I install a roof window?

You can install a roof window on roofs with a pitch of between 15 and 90 degrees. This covers the vast majority of sloped roofs in Europe.

What type of flashing should I use?

You should choose the type of flashing which corresponds with the type of roofing material on your roof, i.e. flashing type SFX for flat roofing material up to˙16 mm (typically slates), flashing type TFX for roofing material˙between˙16 - 50˙mm (typically tiles) and flashing type UFX for roofing˙materials between 16 - 120 mm˙(monastery tiles).

Can I use the window with all types of roofing material?

You can use the roof window with the roofing materials most commonly used in Europe, e.g. concrete, ceramics and metal up to 120mm profile height.

Which size should I choose?

That depends on the function and orientation of the room, the size of the floor space, and of course your personal preferences. Generally, we recommend that rooms used during the day should have more light than bedrooms. Furthermore, you should take into consideration that roof pitches facing south generally get more light than those facing north due to the orientation of the sun. As a general rule, you should have combined glazing area of at least 10% of the floor area.

How high should I install the roof window?

You should position the window so that it best meets your needs for having an open view of the outside when sitting down while at the same time offering ease of operation. Depending on the roof of the pitch, this is normally between 90 and 130cm.

Can I install a roof window in all types of rooms?

Yes. You can install it in all types of rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. The room must be heated! For rooms with high humidity, ensure adequate ventilation and be prepared to re-lacquer the wooden roof window when needed or you can choose a white PVC window, which resists humidity.

What type of wood is the roof window made of?

The roof window is made of kiln-dried Nordic pine wood sourced from sustainable forests.

Can I get different colours of flashings?

No, the flashing is available in umber grey, which is the colour most suitable for all types of roofs. It is also the colour used by most roof window manufacturers in Europe. In some market you can also buy black flashing which is designed for the conservation windows. The covering elements of the conservation windows are also black.

Is it possible to buy a special size of roof window?

In Europe most roof windows are standardised and all these windows fits to all types of roofing constructions.˙It is˙therefore not necessary to pay extra to have a special size of roof window.˙.

Can I use flashing from other producer with with RoofLITE windows?

No, only our own flashing fits properly our windows.

I would like to buy a blind for my roof window. How can I select the right size?

Check the type plate of the window.